Dough Products

At Roundpizza we chose to produce frozen dough balls following the original recipe as it has been handed down for centuries in Italy generation through generation. We select only New Zealand and European high-quality ingredients that make our products healthy, highly digestible and tasty!

A selection of focaccia & bread dough complete our range of products.

Our Dough

To manufacture our product we use the same dough that we sell as Frozen Pizza Dough.

In this way we ensure we have the best consistency ever for our entire range.

All our Pizza Dough are Vegan.

Pizza Dough
TypeWeightUnits for each carton
Frozen Neapolitan Pizza Dough220 grams63
Frozen Traditional Pizza Dough220 grams63
Frozen Neapolitan Pizza Dough250 grams56
Frozen Traditional Pizza Dough250 grams56
Frozen Neapolitan Pizza Dough300 grams46
Frozen Traditional Pizza Dough300 grams46
Frozen Crispy Pizza Dough180 grams63
Bread & Focaccia Dough
TypeWeightUnits for each carton
Frozen Focaccia Loaf1 kg14
Frozen Focaccia Dough900 grams12
Frozen Bread Loaf “Filoncino”500 grams27

On request our factory can produce different recipes or weights with private labels.

All our dough balls are suitable for a wide range of products

Management of frozen food

– 22 °C

All our products are stored in a freezer at -22°C to preserve the quality and shelf life.


Our facility has one of the largest blast freezers in New Zealand so we are able to provide our clients with only High-Quality IQF products (Individually Quick Frozen).