Round Pizza contract manufactures for both domestic retail and export food service customers.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop and manufacture your frozen dough or pizza products, we would be pleased to discuss your needs.

The Round Pizza site is certified for major retailers in NZ and is MPI Export Certified with the capability of loading 20’ and 40’ reefer containers on site, for export.

Our equipment is versatile,  which means we have the ability to customise products according to your needs.  Facilities include a large IQF freezer with a throughput of tens of thousands of units per day.

IQF (individual quick freezing), is a common freezing method in the Foodservice industry and involves the freezing of separate, individual pieces of food, at extremely low temperatures (-30° and below). This process avoids the formation of larger ice crystals are formed, which potentially can damage the food cells. The process, therefore, preserves the natural taste and texture of the product as well as its  nutritional value

All stock is stored at -22° in our large, on-site storage freezer, ready for distribution.